In a recent online survey conducted among Australian business owners, it was revealed that the challenge of finding wholesalers in an easier way remains to be a top priority. Many also shared their anxiety at the possibility that their orders may not arrive on time, or may not be according to their instructions.

And in the process of finding wholesale sellers, many business owners still hold on to old habits —  specifically wanting to communicate directly with wholesale sellers. But if you really want to save time and money, increase efficiency, and expand your access to wholesalers, smart wholesale buying is the way to go. 

Smart wholesale marketplace like TradeSquare, bridge this gap between the wholesale seller and buyer making transactions easier, faster, cheaper, and also more secure. 

1  Greater exposure to more wholesalers and products in one place

In smart wholesaling, every wholesale seller is at your fingertips. This gives businesses like yours the widest reach possible to the largest amount of sellers not just in your area, but around the country. 

This also means you’ll have thousands of products to choose from covering every product category your supply may need, from office supplies to groceries, and homeware to gadgets. 

2  All Australian sellers with products coming from Australia

More and more businesses have become wary of the international supply chain — and for good reason. A lot of it is unreliable and often not up to standards. 

This won’t be a problem with smart wholesale because you’re dealing with sellers based in Australia, with products warehoused in the country. And because you’re dealing with the local supply chain, you won’t have to worry about customs duties or import taxes. 

3  Transact with multiple sellers, but check out with one cart

Businesses like yours will always have multiple suppliers. You may get one type of product from a particular supplier, and another product from a different seller. However, in this set-up, the invoice and payment  process can become complicated and a waste of time. 

In smart wholesale buying no matter how many wholesalers you purchase from, you will always have a single check out and payment process per transaction. 

4  Buyer protection

Smart wholesale buying also has buyer and seller protection that ensures that your business is covered. If you receive a shipment you’re not happy with, such as defective or damaged products, a money-back guarantee makes sure your business does not suffer because of it.

5 Buy now, pay later

Not every business is liquid. That’s why smart wholesale buying also offers easy payment options such as interest-free payment terms of up to 60 days. This means upon confirmation of your order, you have up to 2 months to pay for your purchases if you choose to do so, freeing up valuable cash you can use elsewhere to grow the business.

Wholesale buying is changing for the better. Choosing smart wholesaling means increased convenience and efficiency,  as well as security and peace of mind. 

Head out to TradeSquare, check out what the fuss is all about and grab yourself a bargain or two at your convenience.