The new-look lobby at Sheraton Grand, Dubai.

Marriott International has opened the first six Sheraton hotels displaying the brand’s reimagined and community-inspired brand standards.

Following on from the 2018 announcement of the brand refresh, renovations to install the new standards have now been completed at Sheraton Phoenix Downtown, USA; Sheraton Denver Downtown, USA; Sheraton Tel Aviv, Israel; Sheraton Grand Dubai, UAE; Sheraton Guangzhou, China and Sheraton Mianyang, China.

The new brand aims to amplify a modern public square and a sense of community and belonging, inviting locals and travellers from farther afield to feel at home within its public spaces. The message being portrayed to visitors is that they are welcome to participate, connect and feel part of something.

The Communal Lobby at Sheraton Mianyang, China.

Signature elements surrounding the new brand configuration at each hotel is a purpose-built ‘Community Table’ – a communal space where guests can work, eat or relax. These stations come with inbuilt wireless charging stations, lighting and ergonomic seating.

Additionally, each hotel features a variety of flexible gathering spaces known as ‘Studios’, which serve as co-working hubs where guests can collaborate with colleagues and friends. Designed as a composite coffee shop, bar and marketplace, the ‘Coffee Bar Bar’ aims to connect guests with easy to consume food and beverage options at all hours of the day to suit varying work schedules.

Also featuring in the lobby are a number of soundproof booths where guests can retreat to take phone calls in privacy and comfort.

Sheraton Phoenix Downtown

Guest rooms have taken on a residential feel, with soft finishes and wood tones peppered with black accents. The well-lit spaces come fitted with a height-adjustable work station, layered lighting and integrated power and charging facilities. The Sheraton Sleep Experience platform bed remains in place, due to guest popularity. Bathrooms have also been redesigned and remodelled with new walk-in showers.

Sheraton Hotels Senior Director and Global Brand Leader, Amanda Nichols, described the initial unveiling as a pivotal moment as hotel owners have expressed strong enthusiasm and willingness to embrace the new vision.

“Over the past 80 years, Sheraton has always offered guests the time-honoured assurance of a welcoming community,” Nichols said.

A Deluxe King Room at Sheraton Mianyang, China.

“We’re proud to have built on this legacy in the new concept, creating an environment where guests can enjoy all the familiar comforts of the Sheraton brand, but with fresh, contemporary updates. As travel resumes, we look forward to welcoming guests into this new chapter for Sheraton.”

Sheraton will continue the rollout of its new brand image, with conversions due to take place next in Nashville, USA; Toronto, Canada; Nice, France; Kiev, Ukraine and Xi’an, China. More than 40 Sheraton hotels around the world are on track to reflect the new brand image by the end of 2022.