Through 2020, every industry across Australia has been faced with unprecedented challenges posed by Covid. Our supply chains have, and continue to be, thoroughly tested and both the continuity of supply and ongoing risk management have been key concerns at all levels of the organisation.

As we approach a new “co-Covid” world where consumer and resident concerns and trends may be fundamentally changed, the importance of procurement and supply chain, of food safety and of cost efficiency remain at the fore of how we “stand back up”.

As part of the worlds and Australia’s, largest food and support services organisation Compass Group, our Foodbuy team are the industry leading food and hospitality procurement and supply chain professionals that deliver these solutions alongside significant and sustainable competitive advantage to our Member Clients.

With over 50 professionally recognised procurement and supply chain experts across Australia managing a supply chain representing over 5000 Supply Partner relationships and +200,000 products and services, we work with our Clients across food, hospitality, events, healthcare and other industries to deliver outstanding supply chains built on safety, quality, trust and transparency.

Alongside some of the largest global brands, our “Grown Here, Not Flown Here” approach to working with Australian producers, SME’s and ATSI supply chains mean we can bring the very best products, opportunities, innovations and competitive benefits to our Clients.

Coupled with our proprietary procurement systems, data management and AI technology solutions we deliver the very best procurement and supply chain capability to our Clients – so they can focus on their customers.

From cost to continuity, from safety to sustainability – we stand ready to support you and your organisation to stand back up.

We invite you to meet the team and explore the Foodbuy difference at