Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.
Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison.

Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has heaped high praise on the country’s hotel sector for its ongoing work in managing the quarantine system, saying industry staff have “gone out of their way to ensure that people who are in quarantine are treated as guests”.

The PM’s comments come as part of a review into the system currently being conducted by Jane Halton, who forms part of Australia’s chief COVID Commission. Halton specifically noted the attention to detail shown by the sector to ensure ongoing regular menu rotation so that guests were not subjected to the same choices each day.

“Those facilities have been under a lot of pressure and they’ve been going to a lot of effort to make that quarantine experience as positive as it possibly can be,” the PM said.

“We have a world class hospitality sector and I was very pleased to hear that report. Right down to making sure an eight year old had a birthday cake as they departed quarantine. [The guests] didn’t know that the hotel knew it was their birthday. It’s the little things like that that make a difference in a pandemic like this.”

Accommodation Association CEO, Dean Long

Accommodation Association CEO, Dean Long, said the Prime Minister’s words were a welcome endorsement for the many hotel staff who have been continuing to do what they do so well in the face of significant industry hardship.

“Our sector is proud to have stepped up to provide the rooms necessary to help government meet the needs of incoming travellers needing to self-isolate, medical workers needing to keep their families safe and the most vulnerable in our community,” Long said.

“The hotels involved have worked closely with police, health and the relevant government departments and authorities to ensure operating standards exceed the recommended guidelines.

“From the very beginning, all hotel groups have established and implemented new and heightened cleanliness protocols developed by experts in food and water safety, hygiene and infection protection. Hotels uniquely have the infrastructure, staff, insurances and the necessary protections and protocols in place to ensure operating standards exceed the recommended guidelines,” he added.