Ever needed more space, immediately? Needed something innovative to wow your guests, without spending a fortune or waiting forever on permanent structures?

The innovative new FlexDome system has just arrived in Australia: affordable, pop-up accommodation that is available within hours, and can be stored away after use. Imagine you could have unique play spaces, sleek accommodation or spacious entertainment spaces set up for your guests, within hours – such as a futuristic dome next to the waterside in wintertime. This is now possible!

The FlexDome far outperforms tents as it is robust, weatherproof, lockable and solid – and good to use for months or years, with a solid, luxurious and spacious feeling of up to 24 square meters inside.

The FlexDome will wow your guests with its futuristic, innovative design, and can be deployed when you need it, where you need it. During quiet season it can be flatpacked & stored until the next time it is needed, so none of the complication and cost associated with permanent installations apply. It can be used for weeks, months or years.


The FlexDome can be used as a glamping solution, or a poolroom…a reading room…..an impromptu coffee shop…..a safe playspace for the kids….state-of-the art guest accommodation….office space for your staff….isolation spaces for guests or staff….and many more. It has attractive add-ons such as modular flooring, off-grid kitchen, off-grid toilet and -shower facilities, storage units and more.

Don’t wait until your competitors have these versatile structures – call us now to get yours first!


Heila Lessing

Capsolate Pty Ltd

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