Australia will be open for business again soon.
Australia will be open for business again soon.

Tourism Australia has released a new video postcard urging future holidaymakers dreaming of a visit down under to hold on and that Australia will be ready to welcome everybody once the world returns to normality.

The video, which showcases Australian wildlife, flora and iconic destinations, is aimed at reminding visitors that the country will still be here when the impact of COVID-19 recedes and nations around the world reopen their borders to international and domestic visitors.

“In these times of uncertainty, the world needs a little positivity and something to look forward to,” said Tourism Australia Managing Director, Philippa Harrison.

Despite the world being effectively shutdown, Tourism Australia said it is eager to keep Australia front of mind when travel bans are lifted. This is being done in conjunction with industry partners, including the Sydney Opera House, which is offering full-length performances, talks, podcasts, new footage and presentations for free as part of a new ‘From our house to yours’ initiative. In addition, several Australian zoos and aquariums have set up webcams at numerous animal enclosures, inviting people around the world to tune in and view live streams as well as view Q&A sessions, feeding sessions and download educational content from home.

“Inspired by Matesong, Tourism Australia is sending an uplifting message to Australians and the world – keep dreaming about the beautiful places, people and experiences waiting for you on the other side of this,” Harrison added.

See below to view the new video.