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MYBOS is quickly becoming the must-have software for hotel management engineers.

Keeping on top of hotel compliance can be a tedious and time consuming task, with rules and regulations ever-changing. MYBOS’s cloud based software acts to simplify this process for you, with all of your necessary documentation in one place. Whether you need to access compliance based documentation from your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, MYBOS ensures you always stay connected.

Hotel management requires keeping track of an expansive space, and your hotel’s numerous assets can often seem unmanageable. It’s MYBOS’s superior asset management capabilities that ensure all of your relevant assets are recorded and monitored.

By ensuring your assets are recorded, prioritising preventative maintenance is not only possible, it’s made simple. MYBOS’s calendar ensures you can take control of preventative maintenance, by recording all tests with great detail in an       all-in-one interactive calendar. It’s MYBOS’s easily accessible list of appropriate contractors that helps minimise the time it takes until a maintenance project is completed.

Not only is the MYBOS interactive calendar a key tool in ensuring your maintenance is up-to-date, but the software also provides you with both graphs and reports so there’s less room for an oversight.

With MYBOS, there is no longer concern regarding hotel maintenance – with its design focus to ensure your ease of mind. MYBOS aims to ensure you won’t experience any maintenance left of field, so you’re always on top of the game.



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