Kempinski Ibiza
L-R at the hotel signing is Carsten Rath, 12.18. Investment Management; Martin Smura, Kempinski Hotels; Tim Raue; Kai Richter, 12.18. Investment Management; Jörg Lindner, 12.18 Investment Management; Markus Lück, 7Pines Hotel Management GmbH.

Luxury European hotel marque Kempinski Hotels has become the latest to enter the lifestyle space, announcing the creation of 7Pines Kempinski as an offshoot into the more designer market segment.

The new brand is an equal partnership with property investment management firm 12.18, with the initial outlay of €500 million going towards the development of at least 20 new 7Pines Kempinski properties all over the world.

The flagship property under the new brand will be 7Pines Kempinski Ibiza which sits on the western coast of the Spanish party island. In addition, the group has acquired the San Carlos Hotel in New York City which will be rebranded as 7Pines Kempinski Manhattan following a significant renovation and refurbishment.

Kempinski currently operates nearly 80 elegant and luxury hotels in 34 countries. The collaboration with 12.18. capitalises on expertise in high-class investments in hotel and real estate assets, with the company saying it offers a one-stop shop with investment, development and management services under one roof.

“In the future, 7Pines Kempinski will embody one of the leading lifestyle hotel products in the luxury segment. We are proud to be in a position to further develop this unique 7Pines concept with Kempinski as one of the most renowned and Europe’s oldest luxury hotel operators,” said 12.18. Managing Partner, Kai Richter.

According to Richter, the company plans to grow the 7Pines label to 20 hotels and resorts worldwide by 2022.