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Wake up and hear the music

Wake up and hear the music   

Super high-tone speakers and a USB charging port come together to make sweet music in the Nero SoundBox Bluetooth alarm clock radio.

Whether it’s the lastest news to start the day, or sweet music to serenade the sleeper.

Every guest will feel their whims are catered to, with the 22 mm ice-blue LED display digits featuring four dimmer levels, from morning-bright tapering down to night-time mellow.

Also the alarm clears automatically to  guarantee never waking to an alarm set for the previous guest with a 6 am plane to catch.

One-touch daylight-saving mode leaves nothing to chance, and for further peace of mind a battery backup keeps time settings.

+ FM radio

+ battery included

+ auxiliary input

+ instructions printed on the radio

+ size 140 L x 140 W x 70 H mm

A family-owned and operated business established in 1975, R.Weatherdon & Co is the preferred supplier to over 1,500 hotels in Australia and New Zealand.

Contact: R Weatherdon & Co Pty Ltd
Phone: 02 9906 2202

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