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AccorHotels survey reveals what travellers really want in 2017


What if the ideal travel companion was simply the one that enabled us to stay connected with others?

That was one of the key results of an and GFK research institute survey to find out who an ideal travel companion would be in 2017.

A good, free internet connection is what 47% of people surveyed chose as what they missed the most when far from home. This is especially true in the 18-24 age bracket, with 54%, vs. 40% of people aged 50 to 65.

Preferred travel companions obviously remain spouses, children and friends. But 19% of travellers nevertheless consider their favourite travel companion to be none other than themselves. For example, 25% of Germans, Americans and Indians surveyed said they prefer to go away on their own.

Is it about ‘me, my Internet connection and nothing else?’ Once again, the generation gap is significant with a higher number of young travellers aged 18 to 24 preferring to enjoy their own company when away.

Meanwhile, colleagues and bosses only found favour with Chinese travellers, 40% and 48% of which were open to going on holiday with their boss or colleagues respectively.

Last but not least, 38% of respondents also said that their bed and pillows are what they miss the most when they’re away, which was almost as many as those who said they missed friends and family the most (40%).

AccorHotels also specifically spoke to Aussies about their holidays too, and found out:
-76% of Aussies feel excited when they are preparing to go on holidays;
-Almost 40% of Aussies are looking for adventure and 35% travel to escape;
-In defiance of the Aussie stereotype, only 16% told Accor they were travelling to party;
-Surpassed only by their French counterparts, Aussies aged 50-65 travelled the most compared with other age groups. In comparison, only 9% of Chinese aged 50-65 travelled;
-Aussies were some of the most romantic in the world, with almost 70% choosing their lover as their perfect travel companion. They also told Accor that they would prefer to travel with their boss rather than their neighbour; and
-Over 50% of Aussies expect their accommodation choices to deliver a home away from home experience.

Online study conducted by, assisted by the research institute GfK 2017 with 5,939 men and women aged between 18 and 65 who have spent at least one night in a paying establishment (hotel, guesthouse, Bed & Breakfast, etc.) over the past 12 months. Study conducted between April 27 and May.


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