Keeping ahead of industry trends, catering to the changing needs of guests and fostering young talent is what has defined the Weatherdon Corporation since 1975.

As testimony to innovation and inspiration the Weatherdon Corporation launched the Weatherdon Project in association with the International College of Management Sydney (ICMS).

The Weatherdon Project scholarship, to promote innovation in the hospitality industry, is given each year to a hospitality student of The International College of Management.

This year’s winner is Marius Lie from Norway who came up with an innovative idea for an electronic trolley for housekeepers to automate and streamline tasks.

Lie’s proposal for an innovative product or service in the hospitality industry saw him the scoop the scholarship which includes a Mac Pro computer, the opportunity to spend time at Weatherdon’s head office in Sydney for first hand industry insights, travel, accommodation and an invitation to hear from the doyens of the industry at the AHICE conference in Melbourne.

“During my work experience in various hotels and motels, I noticed the housekeeping staff were often struggling under the weight of the trolley – particularly those slight of build – it can get quite bulky and hard to manoeuvre, so that started me thinking and I came up with the idea of automating the trolley so it easily glides around the corridors,” Lie said.

Weatherdon Corporation Managing Director, Robert Weatherdon, said the scholarship was a way for the Weatherdon company to support the growth of the Australasian hospitality sector.

“Weatherdon’s association with the ICMS is to encourage a new generation of professionals to share ideas and have a real opportunity to put innovative perspectives into practice,” he said.

Weatherdon’s specialist range includes electrical appliances, utility bins, trolleys, luggage racks, bathroom, glass and tableware, cots and portable bedding.