Even though electronic devices have become absolute essentials in our working life, conference tables have been slow to catch up and offer no ability to simply charge these devices throughout a meeting.

Thanks to Innova Group that’s all about to change!  How many conferences have you been too and noticed a long line up of various devises sitting against the walls being charged at every available power point? From time to time the various owners would make their way to the device hoping that it had been charged enough to continue it’s use through the conference.

Today Innova Group has ended that scenario! Your guests can now charge their devices at the desk they are sitting at – uninterrupted. Even your overseas guests are catered for with an international power supply. Tables are connected to each other minimising the use of wall sockets and if power-boards are required they are accessed via the desk top while still being hidden from view.

Contemporary flip top tables on casters can be flipped from either side with a simple handle can now accommodate all this new technology. They roll across the floor for easy set up and the actual table legs themselves are designed to accommodate being plugged directly into your power supply. It’s that easy.

Bring your conference room into the 21st Century by powering up your tables offering unprecedented flexibility to your customers. Talk to Innova Group today. Innova Group – always innovating.

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