SilverNeedle Hospitality Group is rebranding as Next Story Group, following the acquisition of a global marketing agency.

At the same time, the company will also re-brand the hotel division as Next Hotels, using the group’s leading brand in its name.

“The hospitality landscape is changing and we’re evolving in important ways,” said Next Story Group CEO, Anand Nadathur.

“Over the past year we’ve developed in-house architecture and design capabilities via Virsa, identified new media marketing competency as a must-have which led to the acquisition of Brand Karma, strengthened our employees and Board, and studied the impact of the sharing economy on urban spaces.

“We now have the right set of specialised services, and are ready to move forward to help asset owners futureproof their real estate by giving consumers something fresh and relevant. Hence we’re launching as Next Story Group today,” Nadathur said.

SilverNeedle recently acquired new media marketing agency, Brand Karma, which has been a “pioneer in building brand experiences through social media, creative storytelling, digital marketing and immersive virtual reality”, the company said.

Next Story Group CEO, Anand Nadathur

Nadathur said together with the company’s in-house architecture and design agency Virsa, Next Story Group “becomes highly-specialized in marketing and design, holistically maximizing ROI on real estate assets”.

Along with the launch, Next Story Group has also revealed veteran hotelier Patrick Imbardelli has joined its Board of Directors.

“I’m excited about Next Story Group because it has the elements needed to ensure that a hotel owner’s asset can continually stand out to the end consumer,” Imbardelli said.

“The approach the company has developed will create new value in the marketplace for the owners and the consumers, and I look forward to guiding the team to expand their vision.”

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management