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Accor’s first Jo and Joe hotel readies for opening in top surf town

AccorHotels’ has revealed it is preparing to open its first Jo and Joe Hotel in Hossegor, on the coast of Southwest France, on May 29.

The town of Hossegor plays host to the Quiksilver Pro France contest every year in September and Accor partnered up with Quiksilver and Roxy for the launch of the property.

Amazingly, the first property was created in just three months and Accor says it chose Hossegor because it is “the perfect spot for surfers and a popular destination among Millennials”.

“Creating an Open House in just three months is a crazy challenge,” said Cédric Gobilliard, Senior Vice President, Lifestyle Division, AccorHotels.

“But one made possible by the team’s start-up mode approach and considerable agility combined with the support of our partners Quiksilver and Roxy.

“This very ambitious project is blowing a wind of change through the hospitality market,” he said.

Starting with a vast building in the local architectural style, with a leafy 10,000 square meter garden, Jo and Joe mixed everything up to create an open house that epitomizes its disruptive DNA. The interior was redesigned to create open spaces flowing seamlessly from indoors to outdoors, furniture was chosen for its mobility and flexibility of use, and the design brief was to create a funky place to meet people and relax.

Designed so that everyone retains their privacy, the sleeping accommodation offers different solutions to suit all needs: Together (a shared sleeping area for 7 to 12 people), Out of the Ordinary, (uniquely laid out accommodation for up to 10 people) and Yours (private rooms for 2 to 5 people).

The communal areas include the Happy House, a private area for tripsters (Accor describes as “explorers from out of town”) equipped with lockers, where they can relax, work, cook or do their laundry, and the Playground, open to both tripsters and townsters (“local residents”, according to Accor), comprising a bar stocked with local beers, and a restaurant serving local dishes prepared on the spot, with the price of a full menu starting at €10. Breakfast is served throughout the day, for just €4.

The Playground is where the events take place – concerts, workshops, gatherings and various activities proposed by tripsters, townsters or Jo and Joe staff.

These shared spaces extend outdoors, with a terrace, a pétanque court, hammocks and a private garden for overnight guests. An ideal place to relax in the sun and enjoy nature.

Located between the lake and the beach, Jo and Joe Hossegor is an idyllic spot for surfing and paddle boarding, but also for yoga, running and other activities that play to Quiksilver and Roxy’s expertise and local roots.

A partnership with Quiksilver and Roxy built around the surfing way of life Jo and Joe, Quiksilver and Roxy share the same mind-set, the same commitment to innovation and interaction, a desire to offer an intense, high quality experience, and a certain vision of the good life, based on relaxation and having fun.

Hossegor is the home of Boardriders, the group behind the Quiksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes brands. When the opportunity arose for JO&JOE to open there, the partnership was forged naturally.

Blending Jo and Joe ‘s accommodation, F&B and entertainment/events expertise with the universe of surfing for Quiksilver and boardriding and fitness for Roxy leverages both partners’ strengths.

Design teams from design company Penson and AccorHotels worked with Boardriders’ designers to push the Jo and Joe brand’s original innovative design proposition to the limit, giving it a local twist so that Jo and Joe Hossegor has an identity that is all its own.

The Open House will include decorative features inspired by Quiksilver and Roxy and a pop-up store where guests can hire or purchase equipment and accessories.

Athletes who act as Quiksilver and Roxy brand ambassadors will be invited to lead masterclasses, workshops or other events. An opportunity to enjoy a unique experience alongside such big names as Jérémy Florès, Leonardo Fioravanti, Justine Mauvin.

These brands’ authenticity is of critical importance for Jo and Joe, to attract townsters to the Open House to take part in collaborative projects.

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