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Video: Air New Zealand targets long-haul Australian market as outbound numbers soar

Air New Zealand B787 Dreamliner cabin crew

Air New Zealand has set its sights on Australian travellers, unveiling a ground breaking campaign to convince Australians that Air New Zealand is a better way to fly to North and South America.

Air New Zealand CEO, Christopher Luxon, said it was a strategic move to capture a greater share of the Australian long haul travel market, the airline is on a drive to change Australian travellers’ perceptions of where Air New Zealand flies.

“Australia is a huge strategic opportunity for us once Australians understand that using Auckland as a one stop hub to North or South America makes great sense – particularly for those currently starting their long haul journey with a domestic connection,” he said.

“More than a quarter of all international/long haul departures are bound for the USA, South America or Canada.

“Capturing just a little bit more of that market would see hundreds of thousands more Aussies flying with us to North and South America.

“We’re well established as the preferred airline for Australians travelling to New Zealand and one of Australia’s most respected brands, however, many Australian travellers still think of us as a trans-Tasman carrier and that’s a perception we’re determined to change,” he said.

Air New Zealand’s Chief Revenue Officer, Cam Wallace, described the airline’s network of international destinations and superior inflight experience as the Aussie travel market’s best-kept secret.

“Kicking back in Air New Zealand’s world class lounge in Auckland beats a domestic connection hands down,” he said.

“Then there’s our great long haul service which includes menus prepared by internationally renowned chefs, wines selected by Masters of Wine, true lie flat beds in Business Premier, spacious luxury leather Premium Economy seats and the innovative Economy Skycouch that’s perfect for families,” he said.

Wallace said the airline has a track record of “doing things differently” and the Better Way to Fly campaign was no exception.

“We’re famous for celebrity filled safety videos and stand out marketing campaigns and this time we’re thrilled to have teamed up with Australian acting royalty Bryan Brown as the distinctive voice of ‘Dave’ – a migratory bird who’s learned the benefits of flying long haul with Air New Zealand rather than sticking with the flock,” he said.

“Through CGI technology and the familiar voice of Bryan Brown, Dave bursts into life as Air New Zealand’s number one fan when it comes to flying to North or South America.”

The campaign was revealed at an event in Sydney yesterday (Oct 6).

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