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From something negative comes something positive.


Desigining a More Beautiful World

Drawing inspiration from some of the world’s most enduring hand-crafted textiles, the new World Woven™ Collection opens up a new world of design possibilities and references nature through its irregular patterns and colour variations. Whilst the macro-vision is to design a “better way” for the world at large, Interface believes beautiful design is vital to introducing a “better way” within interior spaces. The aim is that all products contribute to spaces that move and inspire the people who inhabit them.


It’s taken a couple of decades but Interface have done it: made giant steps toward zero. Mission Zero® where the brakes have been turned-on to stop harming the planet. Interface continues working towards its audacious goal of erasing the environmental impact by 2020. When life gives you climate change, make a better world.

Here at Interface we believe that the biggest threat to the world isn’t climate change, it’s attitude. Collectively we all need to think beyond just ‘mitigation’ or ‘adaptation’. We need to think ‘solution’. Turns out humans have the power to change our whole planet and it came as a bit of a surprise. It was time to change it and get on with it. Now it’s the time we can take to get our climate back. #ClimateTakeBack
Taking back our climate is possible, if we make four big changes:
1. Only take what can be replaced.
2. See carbon as a resource.
3. Restore nature’s proven ability to cool.
4. Revolutionize our industries.


Explore Our Negative to Positive Journey

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Going beyond ‘zero’

The march towards Mission Zero continued unabated, however, with consistent year-over-year improvement in most metrics. Today, the company forecasts that by 2020 it will halve its energy use, power 87 percent of its operations with renewable energy, cut water intake by 90 percent, reduce greenhouse gas emissions 95 percent (and its overall carbon footprint by 80 percent), send nothing to landfills, and source 95 percent of its materials from recycled or bio based resources. Last year, Interface reconstituted its Dream Team, “a collection of experts and friends who have joined with me to remake Interface into a leader of sustainability,” as Anderson wrote in the company’s 1997 sustainability report.

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