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Canberra’s Hotel Kurrajong to name a suite after the next Australian Prime Minister


Hotel Kurrajong in Canberra will honour the next Australian Prime Minister by naming a suite after them.

As Australia awaits the outcome of one of the most drawn out federal elections in living memory, Hotel Kurrajong Canberra will mark the occasion by renaming a suite in the hotel after the elected PM.

The historic hotel – celebrating its 90th anniversary this month – was once the chosen residence of former PMs John Curtin and Ben Chifley. Now the hotel is embracing its political roots and will rename a suite after the victor of the 2016 federal election.

A dedicated plaque in the colour of the PM’s party will mark the entry to the suite, th new PM will be invited to formally open the suite, and the hotel will make the room available to the former PM on demand should he wish for a change of scenery from The Lodge.

Indeed the hotel – formerly named Hostel Number 2 – was built to house ministerial staff who had moved from Melbourne to set up Parliament in Canberra in 1926 and so it has a long legacy of hosting politicians; PM Tony Abbott cut the ribbon to open the renovated hotel in 2015.

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