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Accommodation Association speaks up on Workplace Relations Compliance

AAoA CEO, Richard Munro

AAoA CEO, Richard Munro

The Chief Executive Officer of the Accommodation Association of Australia, Richard Munro, has said hotels need to be compliant with workplace relations or face the music.

“The accommodation industry is strongly committed to meeting legal obligations under Australia’s workplace relations regime to staff who work in tourism accommodation businesses,” he said.

“Staff are one of most important attributes of tourism accommodation businesses and this, alone, is a powerful reason for operators to comply with workplace relations legislation.

“Accordingly, issues which arise about lack of compliance are, by and large, isolated instances.

“If it is proven that an operator of an accommodation business – indeed, an operator of any type of business in Australia – is found not to have been complying with workplace relations law, then the operator should face appropriate penalties.

“The Accommodation Association is available to assist operators of accommodation businesses to meet their employment obligations.

“We are keen to ensure Australia’s accommodation industry is seen as an employer of choice by staff, prospective staff and the broader community,” he said.

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