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Sustainability has become the latest differentiator in the hotel industry as it adds value to a hotel’s property and image.  Tivok Energy is pleased to be attending the 2016 Australasian Hotel Industry Conference & Exhibition to bring sustainability to hotels, showcasing the latest in energy saving technologies to reduce one of their largest energy loads – hot water.
Tivok Energy is an Australian based manufacturer, wholesaler and installer of large commercial and industrial thermal hot water systems. Our products can save hotels 65% on energy consumption compared to gas heating systems and 80% compared to electric heating systems. Helping hotels and accommodation facilities of all sizes and any size hot water demand, save tens of thousands of dollars per year.

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Our Technology

Tivok water heating systems use air-sourced heat pumps in combination with thermal storage tanks and, if desired, solar collectors for even further savings. Our robust systems safely heat potable water, increase redundancy, and reduce maintenance requirements. We even offer pool heating applications.

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Tivok Financing

The paybacks for Tivok systems are as low as 1-3 years with excellent IRR and NPV’s over the life of the project. With our unique Green Initiative able to significantly reduce these payback periods even further, and the possibility of systems being eligible for government incentives under the RET and ESS. Tivok offers financing solutions specifically tailored to our products including operating leases and chattel mortgages with competitive rates and long terms.

Our technology offers an exciting step forward for hotels to save on energy costs and get ahead of the competition by realizing the full advantages of sustainability!

Please come and visit us at our stand at the AHICE – 3 & 4th May 2016.

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