Keep cool this overly warm autumn with an adjustable fan with traversing head. The Nero Blo 20cm Multi Fan can be set at different heights and angles to keep you cool.

The Nero Blo 20cm Multi Fan is a fantastic way of keeping cool on a hot day due to its versatility in height. Whether it is needed as a desk fan or a pedestal fan, the Nero Blo can easily be adjusted to do one or the other or a mixture of both.


Perfect for the corner being either the desk or the room, the three speed fan can be adjusted in more than just height. The pivoting action of the head can be set at different traverse angles in order to make it the perfect heat dispenser or just to cool you down. If being used as a desk fan, you can set the angle high enough to not bother the paper work and be directed at keeping you cool. If that doesn’t cut it, add the long or short pole to give it some height or just make it a pedestal fan getting it off the desk.


Product Features

  • 35 Watts
  • Black colouration
  • Three speed settings, for ideal cooling or just moving air
  • Floor, desk or in-between height adjustable
  • Adjustable traverse angles, -180° to 180°
  • Max height of 860mm
  • Minimum height of 390mm
  • In-between heights of 250mm or 200mm
  • Safety fan guard
  • Extendable base, two removable poles



  • Actual dimensions W x H x D (Mac Height) : 860mm x 260mm x 100mm
  • PKG Dimension W x H x D: 310mm x 280mm x 140mm