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A committee tasked with shaping the city’s economic development strategy for the next seven years has today handed down its report which outlines more than 100 recommendations.

The ‘Brisbane 2022 New World City Action Plan’, prepared by the Lord Mayor’s Economic Development Steering Committee, is the result of consultation with more than 1000 people including executives, entrepreneurs, students, government agencies, analysts, academics and leaders from the private public and not-for-profit sectors.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said the plan recommends a shift in the city’s approach to economic development.

“I now have to consider all the recommendations contained in the report – 40 of them have been identified as key priorities,” said the Lord Mayor after officially receiving the Plan at City Hall.

“I support the overriding theme suggesting the adoption of a New World City model to shape Brisbane’s economic development strategy and believe it heralds an exciting period of opportunity and prosperity for the city.

“This report is about positioning ourselves to drive job creation relevant to a globalising economy which benefits our whole community.

“Four years ago we delivered the Window of Opportunity plan that underpinned the city’s growth strategy beyond the resources boom.

“And again, we must continue to keep pace with change, tackle emerging challenges and take advantage of every opportunity.

“My aim is to ensure Brisbane’s influence as a serious player in the Asia Pacific region continues to grow and we are recognised globally as a new world city full of opportunity that attracts and retains talent.

“I anticipate the Brisbane 2022 New World City Action Plan will consolidate our efforts to date, set the direction for future initiatives, and drive the next wave of economic development through a collaborative ‘Team Brisbane’ approach,” he said.

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Brisbane Marketing board chairman Ian Klug said the report emphasises the importance of economic development system co-ordination and connectivity, identifies the city’s growth sectors, the need for proactive engagement of our next generation and the fulfilment of a Team Brisbane approach, with a wider South East Queensland outlook.

“I believe the priorities and recommendations contained in the report will determine how effectively we move forward as Australia’s New World City,” Klug said.

“The multi-faceted components of what define a New World City have clear implications for how a city plans its growth and preserves an enviable lifestyle for residents and visitors.

“Using this thinking to guide its recommendations, the LMEDSC has highlighted seven economic priorities, identified eight specific industry growth sectors and 10 competitive platforms to lay the foundation of a New World City economy.

“We hand this report to the Lord Mayor confident that we have an extraordinary opportunity to deliver a bold step change that will bring with it a new kind of economic prosperity, one which has its focus firmly on the global economy.”

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Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said he would consider the full implications of the report before announcing which key recommended actions would be adopted.

“This report sets the scene for economic prosperity but this is a whole of city project and I want to invoke the spirit of ‘Team Brisbane’ to collaboratively deliver initiatives that will ensure we achieve our goal of doubling the economy by 2035,” Quirk said.

Key Recommended Actions from the Brisbane 2022 New World City Action Plan:
1. Provide support for Brisbane businesses that trade globally to help them compete and grow (Brisbane’s eight growth sectors)
2. Attract more regional Asia Pacific headquarters and centres of excellence; more leading education institutions and student accommodation; more tourism infrastructure, more vibrant precincts and strategic infrastructure; more Brisbane-based businesses in our eight key growth sectors
3. Activate and promote Brisbane’s Knowledge-Based and Corporate Services capabilities to global markets with emphasis on the Asia Pacific region. Includes business delegation missions to key markets
4. Explore a new tourism funding model so we can increase visitation for the tourism and accommodation sector through an Events and Conventions Bid Fund
5. Attract and grow major events; our goal is at least one significant drawcard event per month
6. Win more conventions and business events by hosting 40 international conferences per year, 50,000 delegate days per month, consistently earning a top 50 International Congress and Convention Association ranking city in the world
7. Brisbane Marketing will seek to develop at least four significant city-wide sponsorship partnerships with major corporations in Asia to assist with the city’s economic development aspirations
8. Build upon Brisbane’s post-G20 profile with a bold 2022 New World City international campaign
9. Secure more direct international airline services and attract more visitors via our current connections
10. Pursue cruise ship terminal opportunities to attract more cruise ships and passengers and leverage Brisbane’s attractions via the river and Moreton Bay
11. Establish Brisbane as a leading Asia Pacific Cultural Hub by escalating the prominence of the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Brisbane Asia Pacific Film Festival and other cultural events
12. Attract and retain students and talent from all over the world as a leading Asia Pacific Education, Enterprise and Career Hub
13. Develop a Team Brisbane talent and skills group to work with and advise industry and providers on Brisbane’s education and training needs
14. Create a Lord Mayor’s Global Student Internship program engaging Brisbane businesses to provide more employment and enterprise pathways for our students
15. Create a Lord Mayor’s international talent repatriation program as part of Team Brisbane Global Network to encourage former residents and students to work and live in Brisbane
16. Create a Lord Mayor’s ‘Next Generation’ Engagement program to provide opportunities for the leaders of tomorrow to play a significant role in shaping Brisbane’s future
17. Increase the number of CoderDojo graduates from 600 to 1200 per annum
18. Start a ‘City Education Showcase’ program that offers potential students a two-week orientation to influence their decision to study in Brisbane
19. Map Brisbane’s key districts and precincts by industry clusters and defining attributes, to identify and prioritise trends and opportunities
20. Create a Business Improvement Area (BIA) fund to incentivise asset owners and provide a catalyst for new initiatives that accelerate the development of key strategic areas
21. Activate city-wide meetings between key precincts to share knowledge, coordinate efforts and foster greater collaboration
22. Lead Brisbane Entrepreneurship 101 training program to inspire our city’s future entrepreneurs
23. Co-create Brisbane startup hub through a joint venture special purpose vehicle
24. Lead Asia Pacific entrepreneur attraction and exchange program
25. Double Brisbane’s Visiting Entrepreneurs program
26. Create an Asia Pacific region start-up and creative event in Brisbane
27. Develop Brisbane Marketplace, an online collaboration platform for start-ups and SMEs, which will enable local businesses to connect with the community to access the resources they need to innovate and grow
28. Work with CCIQ, State Government and small business networking & advocacy groups to coordinate education, networking and development opportunities
29. Create a digital connectivity map for Brisbane, highlighting for business the alignment of high-speed broadband provision
30. Change Council procurement processes to be more accessible for SMEs and start-ups
31. Form a Brisbane Region Economic Development Steering Committee to oversee Brisbane 2022 Plan implementation
32. Engage Council of Mayors (SEQ) to investigate the feasibility of appointing a Chief Economist
33. Activate Brisbane region ‘earn back’ funding model based on economic growth
34. Activate and leverage Brisbane region industry support of Commonwealth Games. Continue to explore feasibility of 2028 Olympic Games bid
35. Work with Council of Mayors (SEQ) on regional collaboration for future infrastructure, public transport, freight and logistics requirements for SEQ
36. Pursue ongoing alignment of Brisbane’s land use, infrastructure and economic development strategies.
37. Continue to grow Team Brisbane culture across the wider Brisbane region
38. Develop new economic development funding models and partnerships that deliver ‘Team Brisbane’ co-investment based on shared responsibility, shared costs and shared benefits
39. Lead development of a Team Brisbane Global Network program to encourage global participation in Brisbane 2022 New World City Action Plan
40. Lead a New World Cities Alliance to strengthen Brisbane’s global positioning as a model New World City and inform context, content and partnerships for the Asia Pacific Cities Summit

Members of the Lord Mayor’s Economic Development Steering Committee include:
-Ian Klug – Chairman of Brisbane Marketing
-Anna Rooke – CEO, QUT Creative Enterprise Australia
-Geoff McIntyre – Managing Director, Jones Lang Wootton Queensland
-Prof Max Lu – Provost and Senior Vice-President, University of Queensland
-Peter Savoff – General Manager Hotels, Anthony John Group
-Rachel Crowley – Head of Corporate Relations, Brisbane Airport Corporation
-Russell Shields – Chairman, Onyx Property Group
-Dr Russell Trood – Professor of International Relations, Griffith University
-Schalk Pienaar – Director, Croomo
-Sean Ryan – Queensland Director, News Corp Australia
-Shaun Munday – Managing Director, Place Design Group
-Wayne Gerard – CEO, RedEye

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management