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Avico to distribute all major TV brands

Philips Signature TVs

Avico Electronics has announced it will start selling all the major brands of dedicated hotel televisions in Australia.

The well-known as the Philips distributor of Hotel Televisions in Australia and New Zealand, Avico Electronics has decided to move from being a distributor to a solution provider of all the major dedicated hotel television brands.

“Whilst we believe that Philips is one of the market leaders in Smart TV technology for hospitality, we quickly realised that being restricted to one brand was possibly not doing justice to our clientele and their objectives,” said Avico Electronics’ Managing Director, Gil Carver.

“Our strategy moving forward is about providing end-to-end solutions for our hoteliers and help them achieve the high levels of guest satisfaction and fabulous experiences when visiting one of their hotels.

“The challenge is always about understanding how our customers want to achieve those objectives and how best technology can work to achieve that.”

Avico Electronics’ General Manager, Travis Anderson, added: “Avico Electronics is now able to provide the complete solution from a technology standpoint.

“When you are able to provide the best solution by being able to choose from all the major brands of technology in this way, you are able to provide a superior level of service to the client.

“This enhances the experience people have gained with Avico as the many years of experience within the distribution of Philips provides us an un-paralleled advantage over the competition.”

Anderson said Avico Electronics would now be able to provide solutions specifically tailored around IPTV, Smart TV, dedicated hotel televisions and digital signage panels across all the major brands.

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