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Polesy Commercial release two new quilt cover designs

4 Polesy Check Winter

Polesy Commercial has just released two new printed quilt cover designs, Karingal and Check, into the Australian market.

Polesy is the leading supplier of commercially vat dyed and printed bed linen in Australia.

3 Polesy Check Summer

Features of the new designs include:

Hand holes:

Polesy’s latest innovation in quilt cover design is the inclusion of 15cm hand holes on each side hem 10cm from the top of the quilt cover.

These hand holes allow for a faster and easier insertion of a quilt insert into the cover, and enable housekeepers to ensure the correct positioning of the insert.

There is also less physical effort required to change the quilt cover, a great benefit for onsite occupational health and safety.

The hand holes are discreetly sewn into the seams of the quilt cover, and so are not readily visible when the cover is in use.

1 Polesy Karingal Gold

Karingal Design:

Polesy’s latest linen design, Karingal, is inspired by Aboriginal artwork depicting a journey through a campsite, and was created in consultation with members of the indigenous artistic community so as to not be insensitive to Aboriginal culture.

Karingal is an Aboriginal word meaning happy home.

The colours used in the Karingal Gold and Sapphire designs are matched to vat dyed sheets and towels from the Polesy Essential and Executive ranges.

2 Polesy Karingal Sapphire

Check Design:

The Check design from Polesy’s Essential Printed Bed Linen range is inspired by traditional Pakistani fabric weaving techniques, still employed today in the region of Pakistan that produces this range for Polesy.

The colours used in the Summer, Autumn and Winter colourways evoke the colours of the seasons, and coordinate with vat dyed sheets and towels from the Polesy Essential and Executive ranges.

5 Polesy Check Autumn


All Polesy Essential Printed Quilt Covers are manufactured from 50/50 Polyester Cotton fabric woven using AA grade cotton yarn.

The fabric is mercerised to add strength, aid colourfastness and soften the feel of the finished product; double singed to reduce pilling; pigment printed using quality European dyes and finished to resist fading and reduce shrinkage, even with repeated commercial laundering.

The quilt covers come in all standard bedding sizes, and feature an internal envelope at the bottom to hold the insert in place without the need for fasteners, which can become damaged in commercial washers.


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