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Intrust Super wins top gong

Brendan O'Farrell Intrust Super

Intrust Super CEO Brendan O’Farrell

Industry superannuation fund Intrust Super has won the Money Magazine Best of the Best award for Best Value Insurance in Super for the third consecutive year.

Money Magazine stated “its (Intrust Super’s) success reflects the quality of the insurance it offers in all the key areas – life insurance, total and permanent disability insurance and income protection.

Intrust Super CEO, Brendan O’Farrell, said that the cost of insurance was an after-thought for many fund members but could materially affect their standard of living in retirement.

“The higher insurance costs of some funds will negate any good returns they are seeing in their investment earnings,” said O’Farrell.

“This is a particularly important point at a time when the industry is seeing unprecedented price rises.”

Industry experts have noted a trend of people seeking advice from litigation and personal injury lawyers to make backdated claims, often for incidents many years earlier, which has contributed to the cost increases.

“We encourage consumers to contact their super fund if they suffer an illness or injury that they believe they are covered for,” O’Farrell said.

“If a dispute arises, then there is a free government tribunal which will review and determine an outcome. This process is more efficient and won’t end up costing the consumer the cost of a lawyer.”

O’Farrell said that Intrust Super endeavoured to be strong in all areas to ensure its members received the best service and he thanked Money Magazine for continuing to acknowledge the Fund’s hard work.

Intrust Super also won the Best Capital Stable Super Funds award for their Executive Super  Conservative Option. Intrust Super offers a variety of super packages to members and Executive Super is for those who prefer a more hands-on approach to their investments and insurance.





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