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Spa scrubs good enough to eat

Plan Bee Onyx Hospitality spa bees

Buzzing into Onyx Hospitality’s Breeze Spa this spring are two new treatments incorporating the very first ‘Plan Bee honey harvest’.

Infused with Plan Bee’s organic raw honey, these invigorating guilt-free treatments will be able to be enjoyed at all Breeze Spa locations in Thailand.

Guests can now indulge in the luscious Almond Milk Honey Body Scrub and the scrumptious Oat Honey Cookie Body Mask.

Packed full of natural goodness, Plan Bee honey contains vitamins, minerals and enzymes from the nectar gathered by bees from the region’s wildflowers. These natural components enhance each treatment with nourishing properties.

Combined with honey, the Almond Milk Honey Body Scrub works to cleanse and moisturise, with almond milk being smoothly applied across the skin.

This is followed with a sprinkling of crushed almonds and rice to create a scrub, which leaves the skin feeling soft and renewed. Praised for its healing properties, the oats in the Oat Honey Cookie Body Mask will help to revive the skin after being exposed to the harsh summer sun.

Applied over the body, the blend of oatmeal, honey, brown sugar, safflower oil and yogurt will give the skin a healthy glow with a delicious fragrance of honey.

Plan Bee is a part of Onyx Hospitality Group’s CSR initiative focusing on the preservation of local biodiversity through the protection of the Asian honeybee, which is under threat of extinction.

Introduced in 2013, the project established a rural bee farm in the southern seaside province of Krabi, where the local community in Baan Kao Kram was given specialised training from an experienced beekeeper and the start-up tools for beekeeping.

Surrounded by the lush natural forests of the region, the bees will help promote local biodiversity whilst providing the local community with an additional source of income.

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