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IHG dishes up new culinary panel

Ross Lusted IHG culinary ambassador - EDITED

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) has launched a Culinary Panel, a new initiative featuring five celebrated chefs who have been appointed IHG Culinary Ambassadors to develop a repertoire of unique signature dishes for guests dining in IHG’s hotels across the Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA) region.

The five IHG Culinary Ambassadors, who are all award-winning chefs, represent a diverse range of cuisines:
-Modern Australian by Ross Lusted
-Italian by Theo Randall
-Thai by Ian Kittichai
-Chinese by Sam Leong
-Bakery and Pastry by Dean Brettschneider

Each Culinary Ambassador has created 20 recipes ranging from appetisers to main courses and desserts. Launching today and rolling out throughout the rest of the year, guests can enjoy a selection of these dishes in select restaurants at InterContinental, Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn hotels and resorts in the region.

Each restaurant team has undergone full training by the Culinary Ambassadors on how to prepare the dishes to ensure a great culinary experience for guests; and they will receive ongoing guidance from the Culinary Panel as the programme continues to expand.

Phil Broad, Vice President, Food and Beverage, Asia, Middle East and Africa, IHG said: “Our whole team is excited to be working with a Culinary Panel of this stature.

“These chefs are some of the best gastronomic minds in the culinary world and our Ambassadors will help us raise the bar and bolster our hotels’ reputation as world-class dining destinations. Our hotel guests and restaurant diners will now be able to enjoy some really delectable dishes designed by these renowned chefs.”

The Alluvial Restaurant at InterContinental Melbourne is the first hotel in Australia to offer selections of the new recipes. Guests can enjoy dishes such as Chef Ross Lusted’s Western Australian Marron served with pepper caramel, coconut and peanuts, or Chef Dean Brettschneider’s cranberry and orange breakfast scone twist with vanilla bean white icing.

Speaking on his appointment as an IHG Culinary Ambassador, Chef Randall commented: “One of the most exciting things about being on the Culinary Panel is being able to reflect my own personality and world-view on food in each recipe

“I get to share my creations with other chefs and this is a great opportunity for me to extend the reach of my cuisine with IHG guests across Asia, Middle East and Africa. I have worked with IHG for some time now and I’m confident that with the guidelines and training in place, the restaurants using my recipes will do each dish justice.”

Thai award-winning chef Kittichai said, “As a chef, one of my goals is to share Thai cuisine with the world and bring a taste of the diverse flavours of the cuisine to people outside of Thailand.

“Being invited to join the Culinary Panel gives me a wonderful opportunity to do this and I look forward to working with IHG to deliver great dining experiences for guests staying and eating at IHG hotels.”

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