Drawing on 85 years of experience in refrigeration technology, our wine cellars have been specially designed for optimal storage and preservation of your precious wine collection. Dometic wine cellars will store and protect your prized wines at the perfect temperature, between 11 – 14 degrees Celsius with 75 % humidity. Allow your wine to age perfectly and preserve its value.


Our absorption wine cellars are completely silent and vibration free. Personalize your storage by using fixed or sliding racks both holding 192 bottles. Two models to choose from include a stylish glass door and stainless look cabinet model, the A192G, or a sleek cherry timber door model, the A192D. Both models feature a lockable cabinet door and an electronic touchpad temperature control.

The Dometic wine cellar is well insulated with 5 cm polyurethane foam and moisture levels are well maintained by the large fin style evaporator plate. The temperature drops gradually over the first 24 – 48 hours after initial operation until reaching the desired temperature. The temperature with our wine cellars ranges between 8 – 18 degrees Celsius.

Dometic wine cellars are chic, stylish and well designed to suit any home or restaurant.

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Dometic Australia
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James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management