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Schrager’s Edition lands in London

The London EDITION, Lobby 2 - Please credit Nikolas Koenig

Ian Schrager and Marriott’s Edition brand has opened in London’s former Berners Hotel.

Returning to London for the first time in 15 years, since he introduced Sanderson and St. Martins Lane, the property, which opened on September 12, is the latest from Edition Hotels, the brand Schrager conceived in a partnership with Marriott International.

According to Marriott, Edition Hotels combines “the personal, intimate, individualised and unique hotel experience that Schrager is known for, with the global reach, operational expertise and scale of Marriott”.

The London EDITION, Berners Tavern 2 - Please credit Nikolas Koenig

“This delicate balancing act encompasses not only great design and true innovation, but also personal, friendly, modern service as well as outstanding, one-of-a-kind food, beverage and entertainment offerings ‘all under one roof’.

“The heightened experience, authenticity and originality that Ian Schrager brings to this new brand coupled with the global reach of Marriott results in a truly distinct product that sets itself apart from anything else currently in the marketplace,” Marriott says.

As with all Edition hotels, each one is a cultural epicentre and a microcosm of the best each city has to offer. Each is a portal into the essence of the city.

The London EDITION, Reception - Please credit Nikolas Koenig

“It’s a different reality,” is how Schrager summarises the London Edition, whose influences span three centuries, fusing the best of those ages into a multi-faceted jewel of a hotel glittering at the very heart of London town.

The London Edition preserves the finest aspects of the historic, landmark building—formerly the Berners Hotel—but reinvents the spaces within to create a dynamic fusion of old and new, past and present.

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