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NZ tracks tourist dollar

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The New Zealand Government has released key information on where and how visitors are spending their money.

NZ’s Associate Tourism Minister, Chris Tremain, said the Regional Tourism Estimates, produced by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, (MBIE) can be accessed via the Ministry’s website.

“This is the first time this type of regional information has been available,” he said.

“It means tourism operators can select the region they are interested in and find out what international and domestic visitors are spending their money on.

“The data is based on anonymous electronic card transactions made since 2008. For example, in Hawke’s Bay where I come from, in 2012 there was $68 million of spend by tourists from Wellington and $74 million from the Waikato – but only $55 million from Auckland. This can be important information for marketing our region.

“From year ending March 2009 to 2012, the latest data available, tourism in Hawke’s Bay increased from $479 million to $557 million. Over time we’ll be able to monitor these sorts of figures for change, which will be important insight into our success in attracting tourists.

“Regional tourism operators have been asking for more detailed information for a long time and I am pleased that we are delivering on that,” he said.

Tremain said the Estimates would be updated annually.

To access the Regional Tourism Estimates go to

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