Dimmi restaurant index

Despite a drop in per head spend to $54, the Dimmi Australian Dining Index 2013 found that there had been a 3.17% national increase in overall spend in the last financial year.

Dimmi.com.au gathered data from over 2500 restaurants, 5 million bookings and 250, 000 reviews to create a clearer picture of how Australians are dining out.

Other findings are as follows:

  • Dining spend in ACT grew by 10.8%
  • Dining spend in NSW grew by 6.3%
  • Dining spend in SA grew by 4.7%
  • Dining spend in Victoria declined -0.4%
  • Mobile bookings represented 33% of all online bookings, up from just 8% two years prior
  • 43% of all bookings are now being made within six hours of dining
  • The most popular booking day is Tuesday
  • The most popular dining days are still Fridays and Saturdays
  • Corporate lunches experienced a decline of – 0.04%

“Lunch remains the Achilles heel of the industry and goes to the heart of a restaurant’s ability to boost its profitability. Restaurants can’t be sustainable if they are empty at lunch. We need to fight together to get Australians back to lunch,” Dimmi CEO Stevan Premutico told HM.