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Victoria’s tourism strategy welcomed

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The Tourism and Transport Forum (TTF) has backed the goals and key priorities of the Victorian government’s new 2020 Tourism Strategy, saying it “capitalises on Victoria’s track record under successive governments of building on the growth sector that is the visitor economy”.

TTF Chief Executive Ken Morrison said the strategy sets a positive roadmap for government action.

“Victoria’s 2020 Tourism Strategy details a strong commitment to domestic and international marketing, in particular Victoria’s China Tourism Strategy which is aimed at emerging markets,” Morrison said.

“In line with Melbourne Airport’s expansion plans, the strategy supports strong partnerships with international airlines that help promote Melbourne Airport as a gateway for international travel.

“We also welcome the continued focus on major events as drivers of visitation and support for Melbourne Convention Bureau to allow it to continue to attract business events.

“An ongoing commitment to priority regions will encourage investment for iconic destinations like the Great Ocean Road and in turn attract high-yield visitors.

“The Victorian government now has an opportunity to support the strategy with funding commitments.

“Industry is looking for a solution in the near term to allow the expansion of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, which is not provided in this strategy.

“Investment in public transport to Melbourne Airport, including a rail link in the longer term, is also essential for improving the visitor experience.”

Morrison said the strategy builds on recent decisions to facilitate nature-based tourism in and around national parks.

“What we’ve seen in Victoria over successive governments is that policy makers are committed to growing the visitor economy because it delivers spending across the state, supporting jobs and business opportunities, and today’s announcement continues that proud history,” he said.

“TTF’s National Tourism Business Count and Employment Atlas shows that the tourism industry supports 118,104 direct jobs and 72,462 businesses across Victoria, making a significant contribution to the state’s economy.

“TTF supports this strategy and its aim to increase overnight visitor spending to AUD$24.7 billion, deliver AUD$34 billion in Gross State Product and generate an additional 109,000 jobs by 2020.”

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