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Aussies the global jetsetters

Aussie jetsetters

An increasing number of Australians are becoming global jetsetters, with more and more Aussies favouring worldwide holidays, a recent study from Citibank Travel Insurance has revealed.

An analysis of travel insurance policies purchased through Citibank between June 2012 and June 2013 has identified emerging trends in outbound travel, showing that as a nation we are expanding our holiday horizons.

A staggering 60% of these outbound travellers chose to holiday in Europe, only 15% choosing neighbouring New Zealand, showing that more Aussies are willing to travel further for longer and are not concerned with the expense, or travel time involved. The largest growth group for travel to Europe is Australians aged 25-34 years.

In comparison, a 2012 analysis of U.S travel trends revealed that only 18.5% of outbound travellers chose Europe despite being geographically closer, with 33.5% heading to neighbouring Mexico, followed by 19.5% who holidayed in Canada.

“Australians are not only choosing to travel further, but also for longer periods of time, with the average overseas trip lasting 28 days,” said Deborah Reid, Head of Sales and Marketing, Insurance, for Citi in Australia.

“The results show that people are becoming increasingly adventurous when planning their holiday and aren’t afraid to venture beyond their own backyard,” Reid said.

When not travelling to Europe, South East Asia is another hot travel spot with 25% of Aussies preferring Thailand and Malaysia for shorter trips.

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