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Innova’s snappy new dance floor

Innova Group’s new magnetised self-locking portable dance floor pays for itself quickly, is OH&S friendly and super-simple to assemble.

As well as a quick Return on Investment (RoI) in terms of assembly and disassembly savings alone –it can be done in under seven minutes which means time and labour costs can be reduced by up to 90% — the Mity-Lite Magnattach looks good, is durable and safe.

Instead of relying on traditional cams, screws or tabs to join panels, Magnattach uses ultra-high strength magnets, interlocking steel wedge bars and aluminium edge ramps that lock panels, without tools, in a precision fit, and that means no moving parts to wear, break or repair.

Panels just snap together.

Trim panels are also fixed in the same manner so there is a virtual “vice lock” around the entire floor, thereby preventing both lateral slide and separation. These are installed with simple foot pressure (see image).

The locked floor, commercial laminates (multitude of colours) that never require refinishing and non-slip low profile secure trim made of aircraft grade aluminium satisfy durability and safety concerns for portable dance floors.

Magnattach’s low cost of ownership is another factor influencing venue operators … and their accountants.

An important consideration is total cost of ownership over time. Initial price is a factor (Magnattach floors are generally a little more than traditional floors), but with old tech portable flooring, maintenance costs plus slow setups and breakdowns can impose huge ongoing costs.

While the Magnattach is not surprisingly a little more expensive to buy verses a parquetry floor of similar dimensions, the savings in labour create a break-even on the premium in just over six months for the average venue. And the continued savings over five years alone provides a saving of around $20,000 in labour and maintenance costs against a traditional floor.

Over the full 12 year warranty period, that would be closer to a $45,000 saving. The floor would fully pay for itself in savings alone within five years.

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