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Australians lack sleep: Ibis

Australians are lacking both sleep and romance according to new research commissioned by Accor’s Ibis Hotels.

The survey of more than 1,000 Aussies from across the country reveals that three in five (60%) don’t get enough sleep each night and that almost a quarter (23%) sleep alone.

In terms of habits, 66% of Aussies say they share a bed with their partner and almost one in 10 (9%) couples report that they sleep in separate beds.

The research found that 36% of Aussies go to bed naked or just wearing underwear, while only 30% say ‘I love you’ to their partner before they go to sleep.

The research also found that almost one quarter (22%) of Aussie men sleep naked and that men are twice as likely to sleep naked than woman (10%).

In terms of usual bedtime routine, the most common activity for Aussies is to watch TV (49%) followed by reading a book (36%) and talking to a partner (25%).

Women are almost twice as likely to say they read (46% to 26%), while men are almost twice as likely to say having sex is part of their bedtime routine (17% to 10%).

Family pets are welcome in almost one in five bedrooms with 18% of people saying they share their bed with their animals each night (10% cats, 8% dogs) and women are slightly more likely to prefer this to men. But pets aren’t the only furry family members to sneak between the sheets. The research also found that 13% of 18 to 24 year olds still sleep with a stuffed toy each night.

In a sad state of affairs, almost one in five (16%) reported a complete absence of romance and preference to go straight to sleep at night. This was especially the case in South Australia where 23 per cent of 35-44 years olds there was no romance. The leaders in romance come from the nation’s capital, with those living in the ACT the most likely to kiss their partner, say ‘I love you’ and cuddle with them before heading to sleep than those in any other part of Australia.

“Our research shows how important it is to have a good environment to relax and that Aussies need to get away from their usual routines to reconnect with their partners,” said Ibis Hotels marketing manager, Michelle Dyer.

“Ibis is passionate about everyone from couples to singles and families having a good, happy sleep”.

Flies on the walls of Aussie bedrooms may find pillow talk lacking. One in ten of those aged over 65 were likely to discuss domestic chores. Meanwhile more than one in five of their younger counterparts (18-24 year olds) were likely to be talking about their relationships, which was more than any other age group. The group most likely to discuss work with their partner before bed were those aged 45-54, an age bracket that incorporates those at the higher end of the work hierarchy.

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