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Queensland hoteliers win right to deny sex workers

Prostitution hotelsThe accommodation industry is cheering yesterday’s (Nov 1) decision by the Queensland Government that gives accommodation operators the right to determine if sex workers can stay on their premises.

The Accommodation Association of Australia’s CEO Richard Munro has welcomed the move, saying Queensland operators have been given much needed certainty.

“This is a very significant outcome for our industry and one that we warmly welcome,” he said.

“Since the anti-discrimination judgment involving a sex worker in regional Queensland was handed down in August, we have steadfastly maintained that the responsibility for making the decision about who is able to stay in tourism accommodation businesses should lie with the owner, operator, licensee or manager of the business.

“To its credit, the Newman Government has taken a similar stance and by introducing these laws, it has backed up its public statements with tangible action for which the accommodation industry is extremely grateful.

“As well as providing our industry with much greater certainty, the new laws will assist with ensuring the tourism experience of staying in Queensland is enhanced.”

Munro said the Association will now set about educating its members about the new laws and how they apply to their businesses.

“This has been an excellent example of the Newman Government listening to the concerns of one of the most important sectors in Queensland and introducing significant change for the better,” Munro said.

“Operators of accommodation businesses are relieved and pleased about this outcome.”

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