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Ayers Rock Resort unveils new branding

Ayers Rock Tali WiruAyers Rock Resort has unveiled new contemporary branding to compliment the transformation that has taken place at the heart of Australia’s Red Centre over the last year.

Clean fresh and with a modern Indigenous element the new branding reflects the new developments in experience that are available at the Resort, according to Voyages Indigenous Tourism Managing Director, Koos Klein

“It was important for the new brand to reflect Ayers Rock Resort as it is now, with a refreshed hotels, new dining options and tours and, most importantly, with a strong Indigenous involvement,” he said.

“With the completion of the AUD$30 million refurbishment of our premium Sails in the Desert hotel and new conference centre,Uluru Meeting Place,  it is a perfect time to create a brand that reflects the true nature of the Resort, one that reinforces our brand values and underpins the key messages of the Resort.”

Created by brand Agency Re, part of the M & C Saatchi global network, new logos have been created for each hotel featuring individual artworks created by Anangu artists.  Each artwork both reflects the character of the particular hotel while also creating a distinctive look for each brand.  A new logo and tagline has also been created for the Resort as a whole that anchors the family of brands. The tagline, ‘Touch the Silence’, works with the new design to invite guests to experience the unfathomable beauty, timelessness and mystery of the destination.

“We are delighted with the entire look and feel of the new brands, how they speak to the character of the individual hotels and work in with all of the initiatives that we have introduced to the Resort over the last 18 months,” Klein said.

The logo for the premium Sails in the Desert hotel logo lends its design from a painting by Ronnie Allen, a senior Pitjantjatjara man from the nearby Kaltukatjara or Docker River community, and is a representation of the iconic sails of the hotel.  The painting is of a rock hole near Kunpula outstation known as Ngalyi and this location is known to the Anangu people for being rich in parka-parka, nganytja or mistletoe berries.

The new logo for the Desert Gardens Hotel uses elements of a painting by Louisa Langaliki Lewis from the Anangu Lands in remote north-west of South Australia. The colours and designs represent the country, mimicked in the Red Centre gardens of this hotel.

An artwork by local artist Rene Kulitja from the nearby Mutitjulu community inspired the logo design for the Emu Walk Apartments. The logo mark symbolizes a footprint of a mother and child Emu, the artwork itself is a representation of the story of the Seven Sisters.

The Outback Pioneer and Lodge’s logo plays on the jovial nature of the property.  Spectacular and ancient landforms, images of the bush, and vibrant colours are interpreted through pattern and colour in the beautiful dot painting by Delma Forbes from Watinuma Community on the APY Lands and the logo mark shows a traveller in this outback setting.

A painting by Maria Stanley, an artist of the Anangu Lands in the remote north-west of South Australia, used in the logo for the Ayers Rock Campground depicts a story of deep significance to women. It tells of two women travelling north and their experiences along the way. The concentric circles represent the significant sites in their travels.

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