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Scoot and Tiger tie-up to boost Asia-Pacific travel

Scoot, Singapore Airlines' low-cost carrier

Singapore-based low cost airlines Tiger Airways Singapore and Scoot recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding toward deep and wide-ranging cooperation, a move that will make low-cost travel more seamless across Asia-Pacific.   

The initial phase of this partnership will see each carrier marketing joint itineraries between Phuket, Ho Chi Minh City and Kuala Lumpur, destinations served by Tiger; and Sydney and Gold Coast, served by Scoot.

Customers may purchase a single itinerary for travel from Australia, via Singapore, to Tiger’s destinations.    

“This is an exciting development,” said CEO of Scoot, Campbell Wilson. “Both carriers operate highly complementary networks, with Scoot focusing on medium-long haul routes of five or more hours, and Tiger focusing on shorter-haul journeys.

“Both airlines operate side by side at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2, and share a common philosophy of offering fuss-free service at unbeatable value.” 

In this initial trial, customers can purchase flight itineraries originating from Australia to popular South East Asia destinations. They will be issued a single ticket that contains all flight details. Passengers will be entitled to 15kg check-in baggage allowance on the interline itinerary.  

On arrival in Singapore, customers will have to pass through immigration and collect their bags before checking into the second leg of their flight. 

In the later phase, customers will be able to purchase flight itineraries originating from South East Asia. The airlines will also enhance this service with a direct connection process. Customers will be able to proceed with their onward journey without passing through immigration and without having to retrieve their checked baggage.  

As the cooperation deepens in future, there could be a need for applications for anti-trust immunity, and this will be sought from the relevant regulatory authorities at the appropriate time as required. 

“With Tiger’s move to our new den at Changi Airport Terminal 2, it’s the perfect time to leverage the strength of our networks to our customers’ benefits,” said Tiger Airways Group CEO Koay Peng Yen, “Tiger Singapore operates up to 90 flights daily. The joint itineraries and new services that we will be rolling out will greatly expand the travel options for both Tiger and Scoot customers.”     

The joint itineraries originating from Australia are currently on sale, while itineraries originating from Asia will be available for sale and travel from November 2, 2012 onwards.


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