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790mm French Door – Ice and Water RF522ADUX1 RRP $2,499 – 2 Star Energy Rating
790mm French Door – non Ice and Water RF522ADX1 RRP $2,249 – 2 Star Energy Rating

Australia’s favourite French Door Fridge is now available in Australia’s favourite size 790mm.

The new smaller, more compact 790mm wide French Door is on the little brother of the popular 900mm French Door. Featuring EZKleen Stainless Steel, the new model includes Fisher & Paykel’s unique ActiveSmart™ technology & also offers the option of a non ice & water variant.

ActiveSmart™ technology creates a controlled environment and optimum temperature for better food care, as well as a Humidity Control System that creates the perfect microclimate in each produce bin. Two humidity control slides offer settings for both fruit and veggies to retain the perfect balance of moisture and freshness – as we know that apples don’t like lettuce. & lettuce likes to breathe.

The French Door brings theatre into the kitchen with wide open shelf space and unobstructed access. The 790mm is perfect for kitchens that are tighter on space but still need a big fridge for growing families or plenty of entertaining. The 790mm French Door is smaller on the outside, roomy on the inside and even easier to get into with full extension drawer and storage bins.

It also features Fisher & Paykel’s intelligent Ice & Water technology, which includes an integrated slim line water dispenser neatly housed in the width of the door, replacing the traditionally bulky ice maker to create more in-fridge storage space. Ice & Water ensures chilled filtered water and clean, crisp ice cubes on demand. The ice maker is logically located in the freezer and comes with interchangeable containers and a scoop, so users can easily make enough ice for everyday occasions, or create enough for an entire chilly bin.



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