Pat Rafter and Imogen at Mantra on Little Bourke in Melbourne

Mantra, has enlisted the help of frequent travellers and hotel staff – joined by seasoned traveller and Mantra ambassador, Australian tennis legend Pat Rafter – to share some hot travel tips.

The travel tips, filmed at Mantra on Little Bourke Street in Melbourne, are part of a ‘City Mantra’ campaign showcasing Mantra’s network of 21 CBD hotels as the ideal option for corporate and leisure guests looking to get the most out of their city stay, and offer handy hints by frequent travellers for frequent travellers, rated by Pat himself.

“Pat decided on the day of filming that he was going to rate the tips in a ‘reality TV show judging style’ that wasn’t exactly in the script but how do you say no to Pat Rafter?” said Mantra’s Director of Marketing, Ken Minnikin.

“What resulted was great fun to film and some very worthwhile travel tips which acknowledge the challenges of travelling and hopefully provide some great solutions to our guests.”

Travellers are encouraged to visit and share in the know-how, from getting the best seat on a plane to creating a home away from home and even perfecting the crease-free tie.

Guests can also share their own travel tip with a photo or video for the chance to meet Pat and have their Hot Tip filmed for permanent record. 

Check out Lionel explaining the advantages of packing a travel toothbrush…we think? :

And Mantra on Little Bourke Front Office Manager got more than she bargained for with her tip for Pat!: – as did Peta who believes she was harshly judged:

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management

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