Set to hang in the lobby: the late David Larwell's 'Remember Me'

Art Series Hotel Group has announced the late David Larwill as the namesake artist for a fifth hotel – the company’s fourth in Melbourne – which is set to open in December 2014 as part of stage two of the new Royal Children’s Hospital Project, which involves the development of a range of facilities to support the adjacent hospital community. 
The 100-room Larwill hotel, located on Flemington Road, Parkville will provide accommodation for the families of patients of the hospital, as well as visiting clinicians, academics, researchers and health professionals. 
Larwill’s energetic and vibrant works are appealing to a range of audiences and the hotel promises to have the same style and ambience as the existing Art Series Hotel properties.

Larwill’s 2009 work, Remember Me, will be the centerpiece of the hotel foyer in memory of his passing last year, and hundreds of other prints will create an uplifting environment for hotel guests. The hotel will boast northerly views, feature an onsite restaurant and direct access to gymnasiums and child care. 
“My family has had a 20 year association with David Larwill and he was part of the William Creek and Beyond project where the Art Series Hotel group was first conceptualized,” says Art Series Hotel Group’s founder and CEO, Will Deague. “His energetic and fun works made him a natural choice for the Royal Children’s Hospital site.

“The artworks in The Larwill will reflect the hospital’s commitment to recognising the importance of art in public spaces and the healing process.

“The Art Series Hotel Group intend to make accommodation an accessible solution for families of patients visiting the hospital and families will be given priority access to all available rooms.”
The Larwill will continue the success story for the Art Series Hotel Group. The Cullen opened in Prahran in Melbourne in November 2009, followed by The Olsen, South Yarra in March 2010 and The Blackman, St Kilda Road in September 2010. The Watson in Adelaide is currently under construction due to open September 2013.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management