Room service is one of many elements of a hotels day to day operation yet it is a major reflection of a properties dedication to service. When it comes to room service tables and other equipment often the smallest of benefits can make an immense difference in enhancing the dining experience for your guests. SICO Room service tables are specifically designed around portability, durability and ease of use, with a selection of tables, food warmers and food warmer transport units, SICO has the perfect solution for all of your room service food service requirements.

New to the SICO room service collection is the Graphite Package (shown above). This new line includes a Bi-Fold room service table finished with a black under structure, graphite nebular finished top as well as the new sleek SICO black food warmer. All SICO tables include the exclusive SICO armour edge banding table top which are 100% moisture resistant allowing for a hygienic and easy clean surface.

The SICO room service range is complimented with the exclusive OH&S table guide. This design addition allows staff to guide tables while standing up straight as well as allowing for eye contact with, and greeting of guests. The guide also reduces spillage, allows staff to move heavier loads with ease and means tables can be manoeuvred in and out of doorways and elevators, around beds and other furniture easier. Most importantly the addition of this handle allows professionalism for all room service personnel.

For more information and pricing for room service solutions contact SICO South Pacific today on 1300 117 378 or email, view the full range at

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management