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Vibe Hotels inspires women to claim back quality time


Vibe Hotels has launched a new package for the girls

After finding that two in three women want to spend more time with their girlfriends but are tied up with work and kids, Vibe Hotels has launched a new package to inspire women to claim back that quality time together.

The new study of 300 Australian women aged 25 to 34, undertaken by Toga Hospitality, revealed:
-Two in three women want to spend more time with their closest girlfriends, but blame work and kids as the main culprits preventing them from doing so;
-For both singles and women in a relationship a ‘lack of time due to work commitments’ topped the reasons at 39%, followed by a ‘lack of time due to family commitments’ at 21% for those in relationships;
-When it came to travel, a staggering 3% of the women surveyed who were in a relationship spent their holidays with female friends versus 89% who spent them with their partner;
-This is despite the fact that 68% of women in the survey had known their closest girlfriend longer than their boyfriend or partner; and
-Only 23% of the singletons we spoke to spent their holidays with female friends.

“Our research confirmed what we already knew as busy working women ourselves; that Australian women are feeling the pressure of work and home life on their friendships,” said Toga Hospitality’s Director of Marketing, Lisa Phillips.

“That’s despite the fact that our girlfriends are often the ones we’ve known for the longest. So we’ve created a package at Vibe Hotels that gives them an incentive to reconnect.”

Vibe Hotels’ Look Polished at Vibe accommodation package features four limited edition travel sized nail polishes that will see women pampered across Vibe’s seven hotels. Prices start from AUD$199.


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