Fact:  The majority of guests who have had an unsatisfactory Internet experience say they will not return to the hotel.*

The free versus paid Internet connectivity debate has become increasingly complex in the past 6 months.  The demand on bandwidth from guests carrying multiple devices and expecting a ‘same as home’ Internet experience see hoteliers faced with a challenge – how to address the ever increasing needs of bandwidth to support their guests.

As bandwidth demands continue to grow, the ‘all you can eat’ free WiFi model cannot be sustained commercially.   It only takes two or three guests streaming video or using P2P applications to ‘hog’ the hotels entire bandwidth, leaving the remaining guests with an unsatisfactory Internet experience.

iBAHN’s Bandwidth Management solution offers the best of both worlds for hoteliers & guests.

An integrated software solution, offered only by iBAHN, Bandwidth Management is simple to implement and does not require extra equipment, technical expense, or additional capital expenditures. The solution allows hotels to offer a free to guest Internet experience, if required, but also gives guests the option to pay for up to four levels of a premium Internet experience.

A recent iTRAVELLER study showed that more than 50% of respondents are willing to pay for the use of high speed Internet.*

Only with iBAHN’s Bandwidth Management solution, those guests that require a premium Internet service are guaranteed on receiving a premium service.

The customisable user interface allows guest to choose what level of Internet experience they require and pay accordingly, allowing for additional revenue streams for hoteliers.

•    A guaranteed premium Internet experience for those users who require it
•    A free Internet option (if required)
•    A vastly improved guest experience on laptop or tablet
•    Security of information
•    24/7 Support

Why is bandwidth management a critical tool for hotels to stay ahead of the curve? READ ARTICLE HERE.

For more information contact Trudi Chambers, iBAHN Regional Sales Manager, on 1300 0 iBAHN, or email tchambers@ibahn.com

*iTRAVELLER study conducted by Y Partnership in conjunction with Yankleovich & underwritten by iBAHN.

James Wilkinson

Editor-In-Chief, Hotel Management

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