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Upgrade means a new room category at Sofitel Fiji

Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa’s recent upgrade has resulted in the 5-star property creating as new Luxury Room category at the Denarau Island hotel.

Sofitel Fiji Resort has launched a new Luxury Room category

Unveiling the rooms this month (Jan 2012), General Manager Adam Laker said the new Luxury category was created in response to strong demand for an elegant yet attainable room product by both leisure and incentive business travellers.

“Australian and New Zealand guests are becoming increasingly discerning,” Laker said, “With that comes an expectation for increased luxury, an expectation that Sofitel is now able to satisfy better than ever before.

Laker said the new Luxury Rooms reflect not only the evolution of the resort, but the more general evolution and sophistication of visitors to Fiji.

“Increasingly travellers are upgrading themselves and their room type of their own accord,” he said. “In 2012, people lead busy lives and realise that time is a precious commodity. The trend is to make every holiday moment count and small indulgences like booking the next room type up are on the rise.

He added that figures over the past twelve months indicate that travellers are ready to splash out and indulge more than ever before, opting for a still affordable yet slightly more sophisticated room and resort.

“Sofitel was surprised to record an 18% increase in bookings for our prestige suites in 2011. Armed with that information, we felt that there was an opportunity to leverage that luxury aspiration and introduce a new room category that would rest between our Superior Room and Prestige selections.

“Sofitel’s Luxury Rooms are there to provide a perfect solution and make the decision making process easier. We haven’t looked back – the feedback to this room type so far has been fantastic.”

The Luxury Room integration, which commenced in October 2011, represents the final phase of the resort’s update which also included the soft renovation of certain public areas.

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