Mantra Pandanas, Darwin
Mantra Pandanas, Darwin

Mantra Group’s premier Darwin hotel, Mantra Pandanas, was transformed into the official headquarters for US President Barack Obama’s high-profile visit to Australia last week.

The Obama administration booked almost the entire 336-room Mantra Pandanas hotel, with the president’s advance team arriving in early November and increasing to full capacity on the day of Obama’s visit on November 17.

Mantra Pandanas General Manager David Brill said the hotel was selected to be the Australian headquarters as Mantra Pandanas has the unique ability to accommodate the large volume of aides required for Obama’s visit and, most importantly, the ability to facilitate the strict security brief set by the US Embassy.

“Airtight security was ensured with three levels of Mantra Pandanas locked down and only accessible to Whitehouse security cleared staff,” Brill said.

“Level 18 (the middle sealed level) was converted into the nerve centre for the entire Australian visit, facilitated with six semitrailers worth of equipment.

“Satellite dishes were also fitted to the hotel’s roof for secure communication.”

The last of the Obama administration will depart Mantra Pandanas tomorrow morning (19 November) yet the hotel remains abuzz after Obama’s visit to the top end.

Mantra Pandanas is located in the heart of Darwin’s CBD at 43 Knuckey Street and offers luxury high-rise accommodation with stunning views for business or leisure pursuits.