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Hayman re-opens after cyclone repairs

Hayman has re-opened

 Hayman has re-opened after a 21 week closure to repair damage caused by Tropical Cyclones Anthony and Yasi earlier this year.

“We are delighted to announce that Hayman has re-opened,” said Hayman General Manager Shane Green.

“This much anticipated occasion has followed months of extensive restoration, due to the destruction of Tropical Cyclones Anthony and Yasi early this year.

“A new botanic garden abounds with stunning colour and perfume and some 33,000 new plants and 327 new plant species introduced by respected landscape designer, horticulturalist and personality, Jamie Durie.

“Innovative restaurant concepts are being presented in the new Nic Graham-designed Fontaine (which is set to be Australia’s signature resort restaurant), the new look Azure and much-loved La Trattoria and Oriental restaurants.

“The Hayman Activities hub boasts new floodlit tennis courts, extensive sports and training facilities and is the starting point for the re-laid Hayman walking trail.

“We also truly unveil our new Beach Villas offering an amazing beachfront experience,” he said.

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