Travelodge Melbourne Docklands

Travelodge Hotels has announced a new partnership with the Sleep Health Foundation and the appointment of the Foundation’s Chairman, Dr David Hillman, as Travelodge’s ‘sleep expert’.

The new partnership sees Travelodge Hotels engaged in a range of activities to raise awareness amongst guests about the importance of a good night’s sleep including:

Providing informative sleep information and tips via the Sleep Centre on the Travelodge website, e-newsletters, Twitter and Facebook Development of the ‘Good Sleep Guide’, a booklet available at Reception at each Travelodge Hotel including simple tips to a better night’s sleep Providing free Dream Tea to all guests, available at Reception at each Travelodge Hotel Surveying guests from across Australia and New Zealand to find out more about their sleeping habits

Travelodge Hotels has also appointed a sleep expert, Dr David Hillman – Chairman of the Sleep Health Foundation, who lends his years of expertise in the area of sleep. Travelodge guests can now sleep easy thanks to the Foundation’s top sleep tips and advice on topics such as how to beat jet-lag and how to make a hotel room feel more like home. Dr Hillman will also provide ongoing expertise to help Travelodge continue to create hotels and guest rooms that encourage the best night’s sleep possible.

Rachel Argaman, CEO of Travelodge Hotels said: “Whether you’re on holidays or on a business trip, the Travelodge Team knows how important it is to wake up feeling refreshed, revitalised and ready to tackle the day ahead.

“By partnering with the Sleep Health Foundation and working with sleep expert, Dr Hillman, we are taking our commitment to good sleep health to the next level, giving every Travelodge guest access to a great night’s sleep, at great rates.”

The Sleep Health Foundation is a national, community based and charitable organisation raising awareness about the impacts of sleep disorders and poor sleep patterns. The Foundation is involved in education programs, advocacy and collaboration with sleep professionals. The new partnership cements Travelodge’s ongoing commitment to providing each and every guest with essential tools to help ensure a great night’s sleep at Travelodge Hotels across Australia and New Zealand.