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Industry backs tourism boost

The tourism industry has put its money where its mouth is, making a significant contribution to an AUD$20 million cooperative marketing campaign to promote Australia in key international markets, a move applauded by peak national industry group, Tourism & Transport Forum (TTF).

TTF Executive Director Brett Gale said the package will position Australia to take advantage of the global economic recovery.

“This partnership between Tourism Australia and the Australian tourism industry shows the benefits of such initiatives,” Gale said.

“Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson’s decision to boost marketing by $9 million has been vindicated by the additional $11 million put in by eleven airline partners, as well as seven state and two regional tourism organisations.

“This clearly demonstrates that Federal government spending on tourism marketing generates significant investment from other sectors of the tourism industry.

“This cooperative approach will have substantial benefits for the Australian economy, stimulating activity and employment.”

Gale said industry also backs the decision to concentrate the marketing in Asia, New Zealand and the Middle East.


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